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Jenny Smart Lighting was set up in 2010.  

After enjoying a fabulous education at Bournemouth University, reading interior design, Jenny found herself in the world of lighting, working with John Cullen Lighting for 9 years. This expanded her passion for interior and exterior design, allowing her to explore how lighting can compliment both.


Jenny has worked on a huge range of projects: from her first job in Sloane Square to grand ballrooms, cosy front rooms to private leisure complexes, libraries to games rooms and bowling allies. Jenny has worked in many different countries and has adopted lots of the different themes and traditions into her design work.


Jenny Smart Lighting knows the importance of looking at lighting from the very beginning of a project; developing a strong relationship with the whole team, advising and guiding clients in the right direction.

“The best thing I find about lighting is how versatile and adaptable it is to any interior, from modern to traditional, from large swimming pools to small kitchens, each project has its own unique individuality and I look forward to helping you enhance yours”


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