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The design service comprises of five main stages;


The first point of call is to set up an initial meeting, preferably on site, with the client and any other relevant designers. The aim would be to walk through the project in detail with the architectural plans to hand.

We will discuss your ideas for furniture layouts, finishes and furnishings which all play a part in the overall lighting scheme. During this meeting the lighting design materialises. If plans are not available, we can easily measure up and sketch plans but please be aware this will take more time.

To ensure the best scheme possible and to minimise the need for revisions it is most helpful to have the following prepared for the initial meeting:

  • Plans, sections and elevations scaled at 1:50;

  • Joinery details along with the kitchen and bathroom plans where relevant;

  • As much information as possible on colours, textures and furniture layouts;

  • As much information of any AV specified as this will impact on the control system and design or the lighting.

preliminary meeting


Following the initial meeting we would then prepare a full set of lighting plans. The lighting plan will be marked up onto the architectural drawings, either by hand or on AutoCAD, showing the position of each fitting, circuit, load type and control.

Please note that small power is not included in the plan with the exception of the 5 amp sockets (floor or wall) where required. You will need to discuss all 13 amp sockets, tv points and spurs with your M&E contractor.

Bearing in mind the client's requirements, suitable fittings will be sourced and specified from a wide selection of lighting suppliers available on the market. Using the plans as a guide, working through the scheme on a room by room, circuit by circuit basis, a spread sheet will be formulated. This will include all necessary information on which the contractor will be able to base his quotation to supply the fittings.

Preparation of Plans


Inevitably, plans change during the course of a project. The furniture layout may change slightly, ideas can change drastically, and unforeseen obstacles may arise. The lighting design can be amended according to these alterations.



During construction, it is very useful for the electrician to be able to contact Jenny Smart Lighitng if he has any queries. It is always a good idea to meet with the electrician on site, to discuss the scheme so they are clear of what is to be achieved. Similarly, if any alterations are necessary these can be discussed first hand.


The contractor, builder or project manager is responsible for obtaining quotations from the chosen suppliers, based on the specification spread sheet provided by Jenny Smart Lighting. Once you are happy with the quotation and the fittings are required on site for installation, it is the responsibility of your project manager, builder or contractor to deal directly with the suppliers and to work within the necessary time frame of the project.


It is the responsibility of the project manager, builder or contractor to make arrangements direct with the chosen electrical contractor. Jenny Smart Lighting will not sub contract any electricians, therefore communication with regards to estimates, time lines and general day to day work is between the afore mentioned party and the electrician.

The electrician will then follow the plan according to the Jenny Smart Lighting specification and can contact Jenny Smart Lighting with any queries with regards to the plan and/or specification.



Ideally commissioning should take place in the evening, when the clients have moved in and the furniture, artwork and textiles are in place. This is a crucial part of the design - simply by tweaking angles, changing lamps or adding lenses - the overall result will be enhanced immeasurably.

If there is a lighting control system that needs commissioning, the engineer will need to be on site at the same time to program the scenes.


The design service is chargeable by the hour and any expenses incurred are also chargeable. For further information on fees or if you would like to arrange an appointment, please contact Jenny McCleave at Jenny Smart Lighting.

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